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Pricing guide for both carpet cleaning and pest control : check out our package deals

HowLandFlat is a highly reputed company specializing in carpet cleaning and pest control in Brisbane. Our commitment to you is on time, quality service. We are so confident you will be impressed, it will have the whole family and your visitors smiling. Whether you are moving and need your carpets cleaned and pest control done, or want your home to have that fresh look again, we are committed to helping you. We do not charge for extras like stain or gum removal when we do your carpet cleaning for you. Below is a guideline to help you budget or compare prices. Our commitment is to quality, our service is outstanding and we are here to help you.
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Make sure you have a look at our package deals

HowLandFlat- Pest Control, Brisbane

Only the best pest management for your home
Whether you are after cockroach control, flea control, or treatments for silverfish, spiders, ants, carpet beetle or rodents, HowLandFlat can help! Offering exceptional service and affordability, you can’t go past us!
* Internal pest management, which includes a thorough inspection and full 12 month service free period $120
* External pest management which includes a thorough inspection and a service free period which will be determined for you for only $150
or we can do a package deal internal and external treatment for your home. The external treatment will have a service free period which will be established with you. Protecting your whole home for $190. NB: This price does not include flea treatments externally. Because property sizes vary, external flea treatments will need to be discussed by email or phone.

* Rodent treatments for Rats or Mice from $120
Your property will have a complete inspection to assess the extent of the rodent problem. A program will then be discussed with you to advise whether baiting or trapping is the best and most cost effective solution for you. Prices will vary according to what measures are necessary.
We specialize in cockroach control, flea control, and treatments for silverfish, spiders, ants, carpet beetle, rodents and more…….

Carpet cleaning for your home

We do have a minimum service charge of $85.Our prices are all inclusive. There are no extra charges for stain, grease or gum/wax removal. If the carpet requires to be buffed by our prescrubber there would be a small fee of around $15 per room.
Our photo gallery indicates when the prescrubber would have to be used. In most cases, if the carpet is vaccuumed and steam cleaned every 6 to 12 months, the prescubber is not neccesary. So the price we give to you on line or over the phone is the price you will pay. So you know when you deal with us, you definately won’t be paying more. We consider our services priced around middle of the road, but our quality first class.
We do suggest you make the most of what we have to offer. If you only require one or two rooms carpet cleaned, why not take advantage and have your dining chairs or consider having your lounge suite cleaned.Simply, we are able to adjust pricing according to your individual needs.
We pretreat all carpet and upholstery with our high grade solution to create the best possible results for you. Drying time depends on carpet or fibre type. In most cases you can walk on the carpet immediately, however we will advise upon completion. Sometimes the carpet will take as little as one hour to be completely dry, depending on both carpet fibre type and drying conditions on the day.
Lounge suite fabrics vary enormously. Drying times can vary from 2 to 12 hours in most cases. Suede is one of the fabrics that takes a considerably long time to dry, however the finished product is outstanding. I should know, we own one of these comfortable lounge suites ourselves.
* Three bedrooms, which we will even prevacuum for you $85
* Four bedrooms, or two bedrooms and one loungeroom $110
* Three bedrooms and your lounge room $140
* Four bedrooms and your lounge room $150
* Four bedrooms, lounge and dining rooms $170
* Your lounge suite cleaned ( we do make sure it looks great. We pay great attention to detail when we clean your lounge suite) Up to 6 seats $135
We can also clean your leather lounge suite*, dining chairs and even your car seats. Ask us for a quote.We also service commercial properties. Detail your requirements by using the link below so we can give you an accurate quote for your business.
*We hand clean leather. It is too precious to use a machine on. There are a number of leather cleaning products available. We use a leather rejuvenator to put that final touch back into the leather and bring it back to as new condition, depending on age of the leather. We use only top of the range products for all our services.