Carpet cleaning

Need a Carpet Cleaner or Cleaning Services in Brisbane? HowLandFlat is your answer.

Regular vacuuming of any carpet is a must. In fact any fabric for that matter that you walk, sit or lie on. If a carpet is left too long between vacuums, it is likely the fiber will deteriorate, shorting the life of the carpet.

HowLandFlat: for the most professional home and commercial carpet cleaners in Brisbane

HowLandFlat provide top quality carpet cleaning services in Brisbane that are affordable, professional and reliable. We do many regular property maintenance scheduled cleans for commercial premises, such as pubs, clubs, and restaurants. Places such as this require regular carpet cleaning, if they are going to maintain high presentations standards and a hygienic environment for their clients.

We take just as much care when carpet cleaning your home for you and are now one of the most well reputed carpet cleaners in Brisbane. Like any type of business, the standards produced by cleaning services in Brisbane vary. Our policy is to do the best job possible every single time. In other words, we focus on quality. Everybody knows that quality is not expensive. So our advice is choose wisely. If something is too cheap or seems too good to be true, then generally it is.
Every job is viewed on an individual basis. Some areas, like lounge rooms or hallways in a home require more specialised solutions through these heavy traffic areas. These areas may require our low speed prescrubber, gently buffing the heavily soiled area before using the steam cleaner. In general we use our special solution, which is firstly presprayed on to your carpet. This method is simple and effective. It is allows the solution to work away at the in ground dirt and stains, before the carpet steam cleaning machine does it’s job. We have several stain removal solutions we use to remove stains. Things like gum, paint, wax, blue tak and ink should come out quickly and easily. One thing to definitely keep in mind. It is far more cost affective to call a professional carpet cleaner to remove a spill or stain, sooner rather than later. This option is certainly more cost affective than having a go at it yourself, and finding out later the carpet is mildly bleached or worse, having to be replaced.

The steam cleaning method, or hot water extraction is recommended by many carpet manufacturers. If the carpet manufacturers recommend this method, why clean carpet any other way? This is one of them.

We also clean leather. Cleaning leather is a delicate task. We do not use machines clean leather. We use a specialised leather cleaning solution which is applied to your lounge suite using soft cloth. Cleaning leather is labour intensive, however, we like to acheive the best possible result. So you can be assured of excellent results. We also apply a leather rejuvinator, which moistens the leather and helps protect it. We are passionate about acheiving the best possible result, that we have found on several occasions, if we have cleaned a leather lounge suite for somebody, only a few days later, we have a call or two from their friends asking us to do work for them too.

Got a flood? Quick, jump on the phone and give us a call. We have the tools and expertise to deal with most water extraction problems from large to small.
For professional, affordable and reliable cleaning services in Brisbane, you can’t go past HowLandFlat!